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October 26, 2009

Leedey Methodist Chruch, Leedey, OK

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I was invited to come to Leedey on Sunday the 25th and give the Sunday Morning service. We had good attendance and everyone was most interested in the string ministry. I also talked about the village that was burned out in August in Pakistan and they are interested in having a “blanket Sunday” for those families.

We had an awesome pot luck after church. Those people are good Methodists and put on a great meal. Lots of visiting and helping people with things they could not get in the church service.

After the meal Pastor Chuck Gilbert ask one of the members to show me his quarter section. Rod Delano drove me out to his place in his four wheeler and out on a bluff that looked over the South Canadian River. What a panamora. We stood out their and just visited. What a relaxing time. We went back to his home and visited some more about the ministry and then Chuck came to get me for supper back at the church.

We had sandwiches, chips and sinful sundaes. Then I gave a program for the kids and adults that were there. We had a great time with lots of laughter from all. It was a great day in rural Oklahoma. I sold a few books and videos and then packed up for the three hour trip home.


Oklahoma Christian School, Edmond, OK

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On Thursday the 22nd I went to Oklahoma Christian School for their school book fair. They wanted to have a real author do a signing. I showed some figures from my books and videos and visited with a lot of mothers.

It was a fun morning. They bought 1,000 strings to sell in the book fair also. It is amazing how scrunched up kids can make dollar bills. Spent a lot of time straightening out the money or helping them count out their baggie full of change to see if they had enough for a book.

Thanks to Janet Bass, the librarian for getting everything set up and having the good pumpkin bread.


October 12, 2009


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I have a nice “Mother-in-law room” and have been renting it out to men who get out of prison and are having a hard time finding a place. We try to keep them near so we can support them in their reentry. Usually they stay for about a year and then get in a relationship or find something else. My last man moved out a couple months ago and I am getting a new one on Friday. He gets out at 12:01 am so I am picking him up at the prison to bring him here.

I was at Redemption Chruch on Sunday. Redemption Church is for men at two pre-release centers near here. We pick them up and give them a meal and have a chruch service. On Thursday evenings we also have an AA meeting, Chance for Change class and Bible study.

I have been to training and have a “badge”. They are not allowed to be anywhere without a badged person near. So I go out with them to smoke, or step out of the sancuary with them.when they need to go to the bathroom. They really appreciate us because they would not be able to come if it were not for us. Many of them have family members that come to Redemption Church to join them.

Anyway, one of the men ask if I could find him a place since he had done his time but could not find a place to stay that the state would recognize as safe. I debated and then said he could stay in my other spare room, so I am getting two men this week.

I enjoy having the company and being able to provide a safe haven for them. My friends and I also try to provide them with a safe hedge around them.


Lawton Heights Nazarene Church, Lawton, OK

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I was invited to present sermon time at the Lawton Heights Nazarene Church by the sister of one of our church members. These three sisters are real prayer warriers for my ministry and when I am on a mission they are in continual prayer for me. Juanita, from our church is the oldest at 90. She picks the others up for lunch after chruch.

We had so much fun. The pastor does some magic so was sure he would pick it up at once…wrong. Everyone tried the examples I used in talking about the mission work that I do. I also talk about how if God can use me with a piece of string, then, God can use you with whatever gift you have.

As I suggested, we all went out for lunch at Furrs Cafeteria and the pastor got his own private lessons. He did great.


Children and Tween revival at St. Pauls Methodist Chruchl, Lawton, OK

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Rick Swazee ask me to present at this event. They had food for the kids and then we went into the sancuary and had a good program. All ages of kids with a lot of adult supervision. Time went very fast and before you knew itl, parents were there to pick up their kids. Thanks Rick for letting me be a part of the program.


Lay Speaker Training for the Methodist Chruch

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I went to the first Saturday of two for renual of my Lay Speaking certificate. I took the advanced class on the “Social Principles of the Methodist Chruch”. Wow. What a lot to think about. I was really challanged and pleased at the active role the church is taking in certain issues. Right or wrong, they are taking a stand for people and the world. I am proud to be a part of this body of believers.


Chisolm Heights Baptist Church

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I had a great day at the church. They have an event each month for their adults. This month it was the “String Man”. They had a delicious pot luck. Boy can those people cook. Chicken pot pie in a nine inch pie pan…3 of them. 6 layer red cake with Mrs. Sanders frosting. I almost was too full to perform.

We had a lot of fun trying to make figures. I got to pick on the pastor and a couple of ladies. It was all good fun and they did learn about the mission possibilities of string.

Chester Weems, a member of the Territory Tellers that is trying to record our events on film came out and took pictures. He also took a lot of video footage that I can put up on the web. Thanks Chrster.


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