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March 30, 2010

Lenten Luncheon, Lawton, OK

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I presented a program on String Ministries, Inc. at a Lenten luncheon today here in Lawton. We had some of the faithful followers out to see what I have been up to lately. It was a nice relaxed time of sharing and they took up a “Love Offering” of $92. Then a couple people came up later and gave me a couple of checks and cash so String Ministries, Inc now has $417 more to use for trips and the Pakistani School.

It is important to keep the word out there in front of people. Each contribution is useful and needed.


March 29, 2010

Sunday March 28, Manitou, OK

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I went over to Manitou about 50 miles from home to a small Methodist Chruch to preach on Sunday. Some were sick or traveling and the two women who were there were able to go down each pew and say who would be there or who would be missing and why. Small towns are wonderful.

There were 9 there for the service and it was informal but very respectful. They appreciated someone new coming it to share with them and thanked me profusely. I will be going back there in May for a Sunday also.

It is good to serve in a different way than I usually do. I did not do strings there.


March 26, 2010 Corinth Elementary, Corinth, TX

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Still in the Dallas Metroplex. My hotel was a short way from the school going the other way from traffic. Thanks.

I had been to Corinth Elementary about 4 years ago and the older kids remembered me. Some of them even brought their old strings with them. We had a great day working with each grade level. Since the older ones had done some strings there were many that knew things like Jacob’s Ladder or the Cup and Saucer. It was easy to teach some other things since they had some experience with strings.

This program was during the ’specials’ time so those teachers worked with me all day. At the end of the day they were getting pretty proficient. We had some good laughs as I got to know them. I picked on Ms Brewer, the library aid a couple of times and the kids loved it.

Sharon Simon the librarian arranged a nice pizza lunch with salad and deserts. It was nice to relax with the special teachers. They do not often get to meet together so talk was lively.

I drove home from the school and stopped at Krum to drop off some extra books. They never listen when I say they will sell out of the ones they keep by 10:00 the next day. Shady Shores also came over to Corinth to get some extra books. I am not believing myself and next time will need to take extra books. I ran out. It is bad when even I don’t listen to myself.


March 25, 2010

Shady Shores Elementary, Shady Shores, TX

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This is North of Dallas in the metroplex. Lena Smallwood had me there for the first time. That is always scarey for a librarian. They are not sure what they are getting. She had a tiger by the tail. Book sales and string sales were wild. From the baginning of the day, kids were lined up to get books and strings. She had trouble keeping things straight and we did some figuring later to get it worked out.

I had K through 5 and enjoyed every minute of the day. The “special’ teachers were there with the kids as well as some of the regular teachers. It was free time for the teachers so I appreciated the ones that came in. We learned different things with each group. The special teachers were upset that they did not get to try to learn things again but had to learn new things each time. The kids were thrilled and I am sure that they are sharing with friends, siblings and parents tonight.

I am really enjoying the chance to teach this fun activity to kids. It is a joy to be able to bring this success into their lives. Last night I stopped for an ice cream and one of the families with kids that I had worked with was there. The kids waved and poked their parents saying that it was the string man. I went over to talk to them and the parents said that the kids had not stopped talking or showing them what they could do. What a great wittness for the program.

I am sitting here blogging and thinking of going out for a steak and all the trimmings for a treat for a great couple of days. Sometimes I think that God put these people here just so I could have fun teaching them. Thanks God.


March 24, Krum, TX

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I went down to Texas the night before so I could be there in the early morning. I was at the Early Childhood Education Center when school started on Wednesday and worked with K and First graders all morning. Michelle Moss took me to a Mexican restaurant for lunch then I had to work in the afternoon instead of a nap.

Went to the Hattie Dyer Elementary School for work with the 2nd and 3rd graders. The entire day was spent with the younger children. It is amazing what they can do. When I only have the younger ones I try some of the harder things and am continually amazed at how well they do. We had a good day.

I went back to my hotel to rest and met Michelle and her husband to drive to Ponder, TX to the Denton County Cowboy Church. It is a true cowboy church. You cross a cattle guard to get in and I really felt out of place in my Honda Civic…not a truck and no cowboy hat.

I worked with the Jr. High and Sr. High youngsters. We did the Bible applications to the string figures. I had a couple of kids that had seen me a few years earlier at their school. That always helps with credibility. When they say listen to this guy, they listen.

I left there in a raging rain storm and went back to my hotel,,,by way of a nice Chinese Buffet. Had a great day of sharing string fun with kids and adults. What could be better.


March 16, 2010

Sulphur, OK March 10, 2010

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I have been remiss in not writing about the good day that I had at Sulphur Elementary school. I spent my time with first and second graders as part of their Native American Studies. JOM paid for my visit and we were busy making a drum, flea, blowing out a candle, and the scissors series.

It is always fun to get the little kids intersted in strings. I have been to Sulphur to work with the older kids before so they can go home and remind their siblings or cousins to get out their strings and teach them more.

Since my trip to Europe I have been just kind of vegetating. I went to the Dr. and have an ulcer. It has been giving me problems for about 6 weeks or more. I guess if one travels to three continents in four months and is as out of pocket as some of my times were, there is stress involved. Different diets don’t help. Maybe I need to address that and see how I can handle it better.

I am feeling much better and following his directions. Life is so much better when your stomach doesn’t ache and you get a good nights sleep.


March 6, 2010

Thursday, Febuary 25 and on, 2010 Germany

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I have not had a computer available so this is late in the writing. I was stil in Hartmannsdorf. We had home made sauerkraut and brats that Sabrina had made in the fall. I then walked over to the school and worked with the kids at a Lutheran school there. It was connected to a Chruch that was built as a Catholic church in the 1500’s and bought by the Lutheran church. It wasn’t until the 1980’s renovation that there were discovered gold inlaid statues inside the main alter. This was not a big cathedral but a town church that is still in wonderful condition.

I had three groups of 5th graders and up to work with at the school. We had a good time and they were very excited to show their friends. Some were out the window so they invited them in also. I then went back to Lut’s home for a traditional German evening meal.

I left there on Friday morning from Zwickau for the Western portion of the state. The train took a direct route and I had to make two changes. After the first change, Steffen Klug got on at Eisenach. He is a Wesley Scout leader and accompanied me the rest of the way. It was good because the train was late and we needed to take a later train. He was able to navagate the language for me.

We arrived in Recklinghasen where Anita Sellman picked us up at the station and went to the Methodist Church. It was being set up for a Welsly Scout retreat and we ended up with about 40 scouts and leaders. I had met a couple of them last year. They were really entheused over the un-knots that I taught them. We had 3 different sessions that I worked with them. One group of sessions was 30 minutes with 3 or so at a time. I could really teach then some complicated things.

I slept on the 3rd floor of the rectory and ate with the scouts. On Saturday evening I walked down to one of the shopping areas and found a Chinese buffet. It was so nice to know what I was going to eat. I could pick out each thing myself. It was pleasant to have a quiet time alone.

Rainer Mittwollen picked me up on Sunday morning to take me to Bochum for breakfast at his house and His youngest daughter Reike was there. We then went to his two churches in the area and I gave the message time in string. It was a lot of fun. Rainer’s wife Kathrin was at the scout emcampment and is very fluent in English. She is also fluent in strings and wants to learn more and more. Their children Mathis, Jantje and Robin were also at the encampment.

Right after chruch Rainer and Reike took me to the train station to catch a train for the South. I had my schedule with plenty of time between changes. Kevin and Carol were going to meet me in Reutlingen after a change in Stuttgart. …A massive wind storm came up and changed all those plans.

Our train stopped at Frankfurt Airport and they started making announcemnts…in German with a little English. I caught that Frankfurt station was closed. No problem since I wasn’t going through there. Then we waited, and waited. About 2 hours. I finally ask if anyone could speak Engllish and one man responded. He explained the sitiuation and I called the Seckels. Fine, they were late because of the storm and they would meet me in Stuttgart.

Then they came over the speaker and said that Stuttgart station was closed and the train would be stopping in aw;lj and tlqhqhq. I had no idea what they said so I called the Seckels and ask them to talk to the man accross from me. I handed him the phone and they talked. Decided that I would get off at the first station after Stuttgart and they would pick me up there. They were in Stuttgart station by now.

It all worked and I was extoling the wonders of having a cell phone. I would have been so lost without it. It helped me more than once on this trip. It was well worth the money. I left it with them for other visitors and when I return next year. Anyway, we drove to the Reutlingen school of Theology.

The students were on break but some of them were around and so I gave a string program on the evening of March 1. We had another faculty member there and 6 others. I think string will be a part of the future program at the Seminary. It was so well recieved. Had dinner and stayed at one of Dr Michael Nausner and his wife that evening.

Carol had a meeting with one of the other professors and Kevin and I walked around the town. We then drove the senic route by way of Schwabisch Hall were Kevin and Carol both had relatives from. We toured the cathedral with a dossant who knew the history of Kevin’s family and showed us the window, and where one of his relatives was burried in the church. The only person to be burried in the church.

We then drove home to Frankfurt where we crashed for the night. Next morning we were off to Braunfeld to Haus Hollenbrick where I had done the Youth Conference. This time it was the Frankfurt District Superintendant’s meeting for all the pastors in the area. I gave a program for them. The District Supeintendant ask if I could be back next year do do a retreat for 500 youth among some other things he wanted to do. Guess I will be back next year for 6 weeks.

Took the car to the airport on the 3rd…or at least tried to. Such a traffic jam that we were late and I missed my flight. Had to rebook…for a price, and made it to Oklahoma City at 10:30. Lyle Ball picked me up and brought me home, safe and tired. It was a great trip but I need some down time for a few days.

Thanks for keeping up with the trip.


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