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December 11, 2007

A day off

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Started my day off with a phone call from Christine Maxwell at Bayshore. The extra books that I left with her are gone and she needed more. So, I took her another batch. They are really into the string stuff.

Then went South along Turnigan Arm to Girdwood, about 30 miles. Snow showers but nothing sticking. Saw a couple of old friends. Jim Kaiaser, a stained glass artisan who collects Alaskan artifacts took me to his home to see the Musk Ox skull seasoning in his shed, a drawing by Jack Titus, Jr. (A native from White Mountain) and some of his other recent additions. His home is like a museum…except you can touch things.

Then went up to the school and attached public library to see Denise and the staff there and catch up on the news…a lot of grandchildren talk. Stopped at the Alaska Jade Company to see what they had for sale and then headed back to Anchorage. 3:00 and getting dark, just the perfect time to meet a moose.

Along the highway that was almost totally cut out of the mountains were cataracts and waterfalls every few hundred feet. Some were frozen waterfalls but many were running in a white tumble. Just beautiful. Had to be careful to watch for falling rocks as this is the time they are loosened and come down. Thank God for a safe trip…which is no small thing.

In Anchorage went to the Native Hospital. They have a shop run by volunteers for Native craftsmen. A small fee is charged for running the shop but most of the money goes directly to the artisans. It is a wonderful place full of baskets, masks, dolls, ivory and jade carvings and many small bags of ancient artifacts they find in the old village dump. I usually find a treasure that I just can’t pass up. This time I was too late, they were closed and due to their hours, I don’t think I will be able to get back there this trip. One way to save money.

Had a cup of herbal tea and checked my emails and now need to decide where to have dinner. Thanks for reading.


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