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Highlights of 1997
Nov 6 - Nov 9 Public Library, Minot, ND Storytelling Conference Speaker
Nov 13 - Nov18 International School Bangkok, Bangkok, THAILAND Storytelling
Nov 18 - Dec 13   Kathamadu, Pokera, Tansen, Butwal, NEPAL Storytelling, Teaching string figures


Highlights of 1998  
Jan. 21 - Feb. 14 1998 Anchorage,  Alaska   Storytelling, School Visits
March 23 - April 3

Dillingham, Portage Creek, Ekwok, New Stuyahok, Koliganek, Twin Hills, Togiak, Manokotak, Aleknaglk, and Clark's Point   Alaska


Storytelling, School Visits

July 5 - July 16 1998

   Winnipeg Folk Festival       Int. String Figure Gathering  Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA   Storytelling Research

November 1998

Oklahoma City, OK


Highlights of 1999  

Jan. 1999

 Victory Christian School Sacramento, CA Storytelling
March 17 - 25 Alaska Children's Services, McLaughlin Secondary School (Incarcerated Youth) Anchorage, AK Storytelling, Teaching String Figures Research

May 1 - 10

Chaing Mai International School, Chaing Mai, Guest House, Bangkok, THAILAND   Storytelling Teaching String Figures
May 10 - June 16  Kathmandu, Pokera, Surkhet, Jumla, NEPAL Teaching Storytelling Teaching String Figures 


August 3-13 Camp AmeriKids A camp for HIV infected inner city children. Carmel NY   Storytelling - String Figures
August 15-16 Philadelphia   Research
August 30-Sept 3 Edison Elementary School, Bristow, OK   Artist in Residence, Story, String
Dec 1 Wasilla High School, Wasilla, AK   Storytelling Teaching string
Dec 8-12 Eek, AK   Young Authors Conference
Highlights of 2000  
JANUARY 6 Forks River School, Elmwood , TN   Storytelling
Jan 22 OK Dept of Lib. and OK Ed. TV,    Workshop on Reading to Children
Jan 28 - Feb 7 Navajo Reservation, AZ   String research, storytelling
Mar 3-5


Squatty Pines Festival, Tyler, TX


  Featured Teller
Mar 10 - 11 Oklahoma Reading Assoc. State Conference Tulsa, OK   Featured presenter
April 6 National Young Readers' Day, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, OK 

3000 students and teachers.

Storytelling Performance using  big screens and  3 cameras
April 10-April13 Bethany Alternative School, Bethany, OK   Artist in Residence, Story, String
June 2,3,4 Sunfest, Bartlesville, OK   Featured Teller
June 4 Hands of Love Deaf Church, Tulsa, OK   Teaching String Stories
June 5 - 16 Anchorage Public Library Summer Reading Program, Anchorage, AK   Kick-off Summer Reading Program String stories
June 17 Alaska Native Heritage Center Anchorage, AK   Storytelling with strings
June 21,22 Rush County Library System, Henderson, TX   Four library reading programs

Dave on Mongolian TV


After a visit with a Gher family on the Mongolian steppes.

August 1-Sept 11  Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Desert, Lake Khovsgol, Work with the Siberian  reindeer herders, Teach  at Mission Conf.  Etc.   MONGOLIA   Storytelling, String, Teaching, Annual Conference, Research
Nov 27-Dec 1 Bales Elementary School Friendswood, TX   Storytelling
Highlights of 2001  
January 18 - 21 Orange, CA   Meeting with ISFA Editor Mark Sherman and Philip Noble from Scotland
February 2 - 19 South Coast of England, Dorchester   String Ministries, Inc.
 March 6,7,8 Gateway School District, Tok, Alaska   Young Writers' Conference, Tetlin, AK
March 22 Fulton M.S. Cleburn, TX   String stuff
March 23 Denton, TX   Storytelling Concert
April 12 Second Winders, St. Mark's United Methodist Church, Bethany, OK   String program
May 18 Redford School, Redford, TX   String stuff
May  20 Albergue Casa Hogar de Chihauhua, AC Ojinaga, Mexico   String fun at the Orphanage
June 4 - 15 Oklahoma City Schools, OKC   Foreign Language and Multicultural Institute
July 23 Wichita, Kansas   Summer Reading Program
August 27 - September 7  Elemtary schools, Edinburg, TX   String
September 1 Transportation Annex, ,  Edinburg, TX   Library Services Inservice.               9  am to 12
September 3 City Dump, Reynosa, Mexico   Working with homeless kids
Sept 20,21 Myriad Gardens, OKC, OK   Encyclomedia, String workshop, Storytelling workshop, Lunchtime storytelling
October 10 Anima School, Kaunas, Lithuania   String storytelling in 5 English classes
October 16 Refugees Reception Center, Rukla, Lithuania   String Storytelling in Refugee school for Chechnian children.
latvia2.jpg (433688 bytes) latvia10.jpg (417719 bytes)   latvia15.jpg (173512 bytes)
October 17 Elementary School, Sauiliai, Lithuania   String Storytelling in 5th grade class.
October 23 Gymnasium (High School), Kuldiga, Latvia   String Storytelling for 2 English Classes
October 28 Community center, Peetri, Estonia   String program for 75 village children.
November 5 AM Cesis Elementary, Cesis, Latvia   String programs for 4 classes
November 5 PM Vocational School, Cesis, Latvia   String Storytelling
November 6 Public School 41, Riga, Latvia   String Assembly
Highlights of Highlights of 2002  
Jan 7 - 16 Frederick Middle School, Frederick, OK   Artist-In-Residence String Stuff
February 11 - 14 Hobart Alternative, Hobart, OK   Artist-In-Residence

North Slope District, Barrow, AK Barrow, Wainwright, Point Lay, Kaktovik, Atqasuk, Nuisqsut, and Anaktuvuk Pass schools

  The school district is trying to reintroduce string figures to the communities where they used to be widespread.
March 19 Kaveolook School, Kaktovik, Barter Island, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School and Community Program
Whaling at Barter Island   They still take whales out of the Arctic Ocean for food. "Muck Tuck" or whale blubber is not all that bad. I like a little salt on mine. They just freeze it and slice off a piece. It is a little like chicken...no, a little like cream cheese. Pure fat with just a little bit of black skin on it.

Whale meat is a red meat since it is a mamal.

March 20
stringman1.jpg (13145 bytes)
Nuiqsut Trapper School, Nuiqsat, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School and Community
March 22 Barrow Middle School, Barrow, AK   Arctic String Figure Project.
March 23 Tuzzy Public Library, Barrow, AK   AM - Storytelling Workshop

PM - Storytelling program

March 25, 26 Alak School, Wainwright, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School and Evening Program for Community.
March 27 Meade River School, Atqasuk, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School and Evening Program for community.
March 28, 29 Ipalook Elem School, Barrow, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School
March 28 KBRW - NPR Radio AM, FM Station, Barrow, AK   In Depth Interview on Arctic String Figure Project
April 1 Cully School, Point Lay, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School
April 2 Barrow High School, Barrow, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School
April 3 Nunamiut School,, Anaktuvuk Pass, AK   Arctic String Figure Project for School
May 3 Cleburne Intermediate, Cleburne, TX   String Programs
May 6 - 9 Leedy School , Leedy, OK   Artist-in-Residence
July 25 Public Library, Ponca City, OK   Summer Reading String Program
August 3 - 11 Corozal, Belize Central America   String Ministries, inc trip
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  belize4.jpg (433905 bytes)
September 16 - 19 Fisher Elem, Pasadena, TX   String Storytelling
October 4 - 18 Cape Town, Manaqualand, South Africa   Storytelling and research 

String Ministries, Inc.

November 13 Mountain Christian Church, MD   String Ministries, Inc.
 November 13 -14 Have De Grace Elem, Harford Co Schools, MD   String Workshops


Highlights of 2003  
January 6 - 13 Middle School, Frederick, OK   Artist in Residence
February 13 Aubrey ISD, Aubrey, TX   String Workshops with Students
February 21, 22 St. Lukes' Methodist Church, OKC   Workshop Leader
March 6 Grady County Reading Assoc. Chickasha, OK   Speaker
March 17, 18 Wichita Public Libraries, Wichita, KS   Six Public Library Programs, String Workshops
March 21, 22 Denton, TX   Tejas Storytelling Festival
March 31, April 3 Whapeton, ND Schools   String Workshops
April 4 Circle of Nations Indian School, Whapeton, ND   String Workshops with 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students
April 12 Tyler Storytelling Guild, Tyler, TX   Workshops
April 13 Tyler Public Library, Tyler, TX   Storytelling Concert
April 14 Grace Community School, Tyler, TX   Storytelling Workshops with 4th and 5th graders
April 25, 26 St. James Presbyterian, Littleton, CO   String Workshops at Rotation Sunday School Conference
May 1 Emma Roberts Elem. Granbury, TX   String Workshops with Students
May 2 Cleburne, TX   String Workshops with 5th Graders
June 25 Evening Camp Inpact, Edmond, OK   String Workshops with Campers
July 17 Best of Books Bookstore, Norman, OK   String Workshop
August 1 - 31 South Africa   String Workshops with 6,000 Students in 26 Villages  in Namaqualand.
September 25, 26 OKC, OK   Encyclomedia Conference
September 28 Singing Oaks Church of Christ, Denton, TX   String  Ministries program
October 4 Lawton Vo Tech, Lawton, OK   Red River Early Childhood Association, Fall Conference Keynote Speaker
November 8 - December 11 Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania    Working in Schools and Churches through String Ministries, Inc
December 12  Dharmstadt DOD School, Dharmstadt, Germany   String Workshops with Students
December 15, 16 City View Elem., Wichita Falls, TX   String Workshops with Students
Highlights of 2004  
January 6 - 15 Frederick Middle School, Frederick, OK   Artist-in-Residence String Workshops
January 20 St. Vincent DePaul School, Houston, TX   String Workshops with Students
January 21, 22, 23 Friendswood Elem., Friendswood, TX   String Workshops with Students
February 2 - 5 Ida Freeman Elem. Edmond, OK   Artist-in-Residence String Workshops
February 6 Lake Dallas High School, Dallas, TX   Storytelling Festival
February 12 Tecumseh Public Library, Tecumseh, OK   Family Night Fun with Stories and Strings.
Feb 17 - 19 Ft. Leavenworth Schools, Ft. Leavenworth, KS   String Workshops with Students
March 4,7 Chicago, Ill   Rotation Model Sunday School Workshop, Workshop Presenter.
March 8 - 11 Piedmont Elementary, Piedmont, OK   Artist-in-Residence String Workshops
March 14 Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton, OK      Book Launching Reception,     "Native American String Figures"
April 3 Young Author's Conference, Lawton, OK   Speaker and Workshop Leader
April 7 Celebration of Reading Festival, Lloyd Nobel Center, Oklahoma State Univ. Norman, OK   Speaker
April 14 Lawton Christian School, Lawton, OK   Round-Up Speaker
April 19 Aubrey Elementary, Aubrey, TX   String Workshops
April 20 Chavez Elementary, Little Elm, TX   String Workshops
April 23, 24 Dallas, TX   Rotation Model Sunday School Workshop, Workshop Presenter
April 27 Bethany Middle School, Bethany, OK   String Workshops
April 28, 29, 30 McAlester Public Schools, McAlester, OK   String Workshops
May 14


Grove High School, Grove, OK   Arts Day, String Workshops
May 16 Norman Public Library   "People to People" team going to Australia string training.
June 1 Blanchard Public Library, Blanchard, OK   AM Summer Reading Program
June 1 Newcastle Public Library, Newcastle, OK   PM Summer Reading Program
June 6 St. Luke's Methodist, OKC, OK   Speaker
June 8 - 9 Eperly School, Dell City, OK   Summer School String Workshops
June 10 Village Public Library, Metro System,  OKC, OK   3:00 Summer Reading Program
June 10 - 11 Steed Elementary School, Dell City, OK   Summer School String Workshop
June 13 First Methodist Church, Jacksonville, TX   Day of programming
June 14 Tyler Public Library, Tyler, TX   Summer Reading Club and Evening Family String Program
June 15 Argyle Methodist Church, Argyle, TX   Bible School, Family Ice Cream Social
June 17, 18  Grant High School, Foreign Language and Multicultural Institute, Oklahoma City, OK   Workshop Presenter
June 21 Camp Impact, Edmond, OK   String Workshops
June 29 Stillwater Public Library, Stillwater, OK   Summer Reading Programs
July 13 Presbyterian Urban Mission, Oklahoma City, OK   String Workshops
July 13 Camp Cornestone, OCU, Edmons, OK   String Workshops
July 24 - August 1 Maripa, Venezuela   String Ministries
August 5 - August 23 Liberian Refugee Camp, Accra, Ghana   String Ministries
September 23, 24 Encyclomedia, Oklahoma City, OK   Presenter, Vendor
October 5 Pilot Point Primary School, Pilot Point, TX   String Workshops
October 27, 28, 29 Cottonwood, Sunflower, and Meadowlark Elementary schools, Andover, KS   String Workshops
October 27 Andover Methodist Church, Andover, KS   String Ministry Program
October 31- November 19  Buduburam, Liberian Refugee Camp - Ghana, West Africa   Programs in 25 schools, 2 day storytelling workshop with 12 schools and 12 churches represented, 90 people and two Sunday services. 5,000 strings given out with instructions and stories.
December 1 Davenport, OK   Native American String Workshops
December 6 Macomb, OK   String Workshops
December 6 Southwest Aids Network, Lawton, OK   Evening Christmas Party Entertainment...Strings of course.
December 15 Washington Elementary, Ponca City, OK   String Workshops
December 16 Morrison, OK   String Workshops
December 23 Goodwill Industries, Lawton, OK   Christmas Party...They sure do a good job making the strings.
January 10, 21 Frederick Middle School, Frederick, OK Artist In Residence
String Workshops
January 22 Christ the King Elementary, The Village, OKC, OK String Workshops
January 24 - 27 McKinley Elementary, Norman, OK Artist In Residence
January 30 Frontier Chapel, Ft. Sill, OK String program for Sunday School
January 31 - February 3 Barnes Elementary, Mid-Del, Oklahoma City, OK Artist In Residence
February 6 Singing Oaks Church of Christ, Denton, TX String Ministries Workshops and program for Sunday School.
February 7, 8 Lake Dallas High School, Lake Dallas, TX String Workshops
February 9  Lake Dallas Intermediate School, Lake Dallas, TX    String Workshops
February 10 Lake Dallas Middle School, Lake Dallas, TX   String Workshops
February 11 Corinth Elementary School, Lake Dallas, TX   String Workshops
February 14 McCord Elementary, Ponca City, OK   String Workshops
February 19 Children's Sunday School Workshop, St. Luke's Methodist, OKC, OK   String Ministries Workshops
February 24 Spring Creek Elementary, Tulsa, OK   String Workshops, Family Storytelling Evening
February 25 Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton, OK   Book Launching, "African String Figures"
March 3 Cedar Ridge Elementary, Union School Dist., Tulsa, OK   String Workshops
March 5, 6 San Augustine, TX   String Ministries Workshops
March 8 - 11 Piedmont Elementary, Piedmont, OK   Artist In Residence
March 21 - 24 Broken Bow Middle School, Broken Bow, OK   Artist In Residence
April 5 St. Phillip Neri School
Midwest City, OK
  String Workshops
April 8 Cleburn Middle School
Cleburn, TX
  String Workshops
April 12 Oklahoma Christian School, Edmond, OK   String Workshops
April 14 - 16 Chicago, IL   Rotation Model Sunday School Conference, String Workshops
April 17 - 22 South Bend, IN Area   Time Available
May 2 Silver Lake Elementary, Pearland, TX   String Workshops
May 3 Jamison Junior High, Pearland, TX   String Workshops
May 4 Silver Crest Elementary, Pearland, TX   String Workshops
May 5 Freeman Elementary, Houston, TX   String Workshops
May 26 Special Needs Camps, Waco, TX   String Workshops
June 15 Wichita Church of Christ, Wichita, KS   VBS Program
June 27 Camp Impact
Edmond, OK
  String Workshop
July 11  Pioneer Library System, Norman, OK   Summer Reading String Programs
July 12 Pioneer Library System, Purcell, OK and Blanchard   Summer Reading String Programs
July 13 Pioneer Library System, Newcastle, OK and Moore, OK   Summer Reading String Programs
July 14 Pioneer Library System, Macomb, OK, Tecumseh, OK   Summer Reading String Programs
July 19 Pioneer Library System, Noble, OK   Summer Reading String Program
August 9 - September 9 Mongolia   String Ministries
September 11 First Presbyterian Church
South Bend, IN
  String Ministries
September 12 - 17 South Bend, IN   Time Available
September 20 - 21 Encyclomedia, Tulsa, OK   Workshops and Displays
September 26 - 30 Fort Leavenworth schools, Fort Leavenworth, KS   String Workshops

Time Available

October 1 - 18 Anchorage, AK   String Workshops

Time Available



January 3,12 Frederick Middle School, Frederick, OK Artist in Residence
February Liberia, West Africa Methodist Annual Conference
 February Guinea, West Africa    String Ministries
March 6 - 9 Piedmont Elementary, Piedmont, OK   Artist in Residence
March 19 - 26 Broken Bow, OK   Artist in Residence
May Nepal   Tentative