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String Figure Weekend

Imagine spending a whole weekend with an expert in strings and stories, learning how to weave the figures and the simple stories that accompany them. Learn one-on-one at your own pace in the comfortable surroundings of Dave’s home. Whether you are a beginner or are experienced in string, this weekend intensive could be for you..

Arrive on Friday and review the basics. Dave and you will assess where you are and outline where you want to be by Sunday afternoon.

Start Saturday with a country breakfast and relearn what you forgot from Friday and then work, work, work. Well, there will be time to play, laugh and relax too. A short trip on Saturday afternoon to the Wichita Mountains (yes they are only 20 miles away) and see the wild buffalo and longhorns and maybe a trip to Geronimo’s grave.

The Apache Gate, Tipi, and other figures take on new meaning when learned in this setting. Supper in the Mountains and home to view some rare footage of Inuit elders working in string. More practice, learning and forgetting. This total immersion process into the world of string will be intensive but fun. You will not only learn the figures but also much of the process of where they came from and what they mean.

Sunday can include a spiritual experience of your choice. By this time much of what you have learned will start to come together. You will see patterns, similarities etc. You will be caught in the web. If you want we will take time to video tape each figure that you learned with you describing the opening moves as a reminder when you get home.

Details: $500 for the weekend, Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon including meals and lodging. You might want to have another time configuration as fits your schedule and Dave's. You can drive, or arrive at the airport in Lawton or Oklahoma City and Dave will pick you up. NOTE: If it would be more convenient, this whole experience can happen in your own home. If you pay Dave’s travel, he can come to you.

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